Newest additions in: Internet Indecencies

Welcome to the new and improved Nookie Cookies website. To facilitate Nookie Navigation, we have separated our pictures into the three different categories below, and added the navigation bar above to provide easier access to the different parts of Nookie Net. We hope our efforts help to inform you in the evil that is our nations' snack manufacturing regime.

Internet Indecencies
NEW! (4/17/03)

This page consists of atrocities found while vigilantly surfing the internet.

Natural Nookies

NEW! (4/17/03)

This page concerns "naturally" occuring Nookies, ones appearing on or in fruits, vegetables, etc.

Nookie Cookies
NEW! (12/11/01)

This page contains cookie-related products of perversion.

Mass-produced Monstrosities
NEW! (12/11/01)

The pictures here are of candies and snacks that don't qualify as cookies.

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